First Time Ever In High Definition - Limited Time Only. On Diamond Edition Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack and Movie Download March 1
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Bambi: Diamond Edition

For the first time ever, the wonder, music and majesty of one of Walt Disney's greatest triumphs comes alive in glorious detail through the magic of Blu-ray™ high definition! Now Bambi, Walt Disney's beloved coming-of-age story, will thrill a new generation of fans with its breathtakingly beautiful animation, soaring music and characters who will touch your heart — Bambi, the wide-eyed fawn, his playful pal Thumper, the loveable skunk Flower and wise Friend Owl. Plus, all-new immersive game and special features that reveal the extraordinary creative process behind the making of this timeless classic take you deeper into Bambi's world than ever before!

Walt Disney's Bambi is an experience you will never forget—now more brilliant than ever on Blu-ray!


GREAT VALUE! Combo Packs include Blu-ray + DVD

Blu-ray Special Features*:

  • New Enhanced Digital Restoration
  • Disney Second Screen - The Ultimate Way to Experience Bambi. Content comes alive on your laptop or iPad™ as You Watch the Movie
  • Disney View - 16x9 full-frame viewing experience
  • Introduction by Diane Disney Miller
  • 2 Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes
  • Deleted Song
  • Inside Walt's Story Meetings - Enhanced Edition
  • Disney's Big Book of Knowledge - Bambi Edition
  • Interactive Blu-ray Galleries
  • Classic DVD Bonus Features

DVD Features*:

  • New Enhanced Digital Restoration
  • Introduction by Diane Disney Miller
  • Inside Walt's Story Meetings - Enhanced Edition (linear)
  • Disneypedia: Bambi's Forest Friends
Blu-ray Technical Specifications:


  • Aspect Ratio:
    1080p High Definition/1.33:1
    DVD: 1.33:1


  • Sound:
    English 7.1 DTS-HD HR Audio; French and Spanish 5.1 Dolby DEHT; Restored Original Theatrical Soundtrack
    DVD: English, French and Spanish 5.1 Dolby DEHT; Restored Original Theatrical Soundtrack
  • Subtitles
    English SDH, English ESL, French, Spanish
    DVD: DVD: English SDH, French, Spanish



  • New Enhanced Digital Restoration
  • The Golden Age (Digital Exclusive)
  • Inside Walt's Story Meetings - Enhanced Edition (linear DVD version)
  • Classic DVD Bonus Features - 2 Deleted Scenes
Technical Specifications:


  • Aspect Ratio:
    High Definition:
    1080p High Definition/1.33:1
    Standard Definition: 1.33:1


  • Sound:
    High Definition:
    English 5.1 Dolby Digital;
    Restored Original Theatrical Soundtrack
    Standard Definition: English 5.1 Dolby Digital;
    Restored Original Theatrical Soundtrack


Disney Second Screen – A New Interactive Blu-ray™ Viewing Experience Premiering on Bambi Diamond Edition!

Bring content to life in your hands using your laptop or iPad™ while you watch the movie. Disney Second Screen synchs your laptop or iPad with your Blu-ray disc to provide additional content you control as the movie plays.

Not available in all territories. Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc.


* Bonus Materials Not Rated.



The young Prince of the Forest. Under the guidance of his mother and with the help from pals Thumper and Flower, Bambi learns about the wonder of nature and the power of friendship and family.


A charming young rabbit who introduces Bambi to fun in the forest.


One of Bambi's forest friends. When they first meet, Bambi mistakenly calls him a flower — a name that the shy young skunk is happy to adopt.


Bambi's mate. Bambi meets her for the first time in the field when they are young and becomes Twitter-pated by the young doe when they are older.

Friend Owl

Zany and yet affectionate, he is a father-figure to all the young animals of the forest.

The Great Prince

The oldest, wisest deer in the forest. Bambi's father.